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  • Wearables & Readers

  • Antennas

  • Hardware Integration

  • Software Integration

Who We  Are

Ingenutec was founded in 2009 to offer NFC consulting and engineering services.  We are here to accelerate your product development and eliminate the NFC learning curve as a obstacle to your product development. Since inception, our offerings have expanded to include EMV consulting and engineering services as well.  Ingenutec provides “antenna to app” services.

Ingenutec can function as your engineering team. With both hardware and software expertise, we can provide antenna design and tuning, electrical design, PCB layout, firmware development, embedded application development and mobile or desktop application development.

Ingenutec can support your engineering team.  With our NFC and EMV expertise, we can advise on use cases, system architecture, design analysis, software integration, RF stage analysis and antenna matching.

Our Experience

Product Development & Engineering Services - 30 years
NFC - 10 years
EMV - 6 years
Wearables - 2 years




To be the trusted engineering services and consulting partner called on to assist with or to complete challenging NFC related designs



Enable the Fast Track integration of NFC Technology into products and services where NFC is a requirement to meet the offered market needs



Relieve our partners’ of the requirement to invest time and money climbing the NFC learning curve



Committed to assure our partners’ technical and schedule success by providing best in class support and service


Robert has over 20 years of product development experience and more than 10 years of NFC and EMV experience. Ingenutec represents a combination of his technical expertise and business acumen to create an organization focused on helping customers accelrate the integration of contactless technogies into their products. He has expertise in both hardware and software engineering with specific focus on embedded product applications.

Among Our Clients