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Lessons I’ve Learned

(…from running my own business) My transition to owning my own business was an organic one. I had always wanted to start my own business but thought that I had to save up a bunch of money, quit my job and create the business while I lived on those savings. Fortunately for me, while at…


Unexpected Timelines

or How Long does EMVCo certification take? I had originally planned to talk about NFC project timelines in general, but the topic is too broad. Instead, I’m going to break it into multiple posts and today focus on EMVCo certification. The area that generally presents the most surprise with customers is the timeline for EMVCo…


Meet the CEO, COO, CFO and President

As a business owner I wear many hats and confront many challenges. My career is a reflection of what has prepared me for these challenges. From architecting, writing custom software, planning and installing a custom iPIX camera system for the G8 Conference to hovering 30 feet over a thoroughfare in a bucket truck to perform a…