emv reader nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

About Project

Fall 2013 – Initial project
2015-current – Follow-on

Client: Undisclosed

Subject: EMV Reader Software & Hardware

Ingenutec provided consulting on the hardware design and developed the EMV compliant contactless reader firmware for our customer’s custom terminals.

Our Task Was

Focus on the design and development of a contactless payment reader module add-on for their existing custom terminals.

Key Components

  • NXP RC663
  • NfcRdLib
  • LPC1756
  • FreeRTOS


Part Selection

  • selection of the best of class NFC controller for the reader module
  • detailed analysis of requirements
  • detailed analysis of NFC controllers


  • fundamentals of NFC
  • antenna requirements and design

System Architecture

  • design EMV reader as an isolated modular add-on to existing product
  • module to host communication protocols
  • boot loader for in-the-field firmware upgrades


  • in-house development of EMV Level 1 PCD stack
  • in-house development of VISA and MasterCard Level 2 Kernels


  • Pre-certification testing for L1 analog performance
  • Pre-certification testing for L2 functional performance
  • Liaison with FIME for scheduling and administrative process
  • on-site during L1 and L2 debug sessions to immediately address any issues


Customer deployed an updated product with contactless payment capabilities.

  • Type Approval for EMV PCD Level 1
  • Type Approval for VISA Level 2
  • Type Approval for MasterCard Level 2


Ingenutec played a key roll in the customer’s ability to deploy an updated version of their product that would accept VISA and MasterCard contactless payments.  These new terminals were released and are deployed worldwide.