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About Project

Period: July 2016

Client: Undisclosed

Subject: NFC Feasibility

Customer was interested in adding NFC to their product to simplify product configuration and monitor component aging.

Our Task Was

We were tasked with analyzing the product requirements and providing feedback on the feasibility of using NFC for the stated use cases.  Additionally we were tasked with analyzing the product CAD models and providing recommendations on design and placement of the NFC hardware and antennas.

Key Components

  • PN512 recommended

What We’ve Done

Requirements Analysis

  • Could NFC be effectively used to address the problem
  • Are there better solutions

Design Analysis

  • Can NFC be integrated within the physical design constraints of the product
  • What types of inlays would be recommended
  • Would one antenna suffice or would multiple be required


Complete report provided in a short time frame.  The report addressed the customers needs and provided a recommended path forward to use NFC in their product.


Ingenutec met the customer requirements in a timely fashion.  The customer was pleased with the report provided and follow on work is expected.