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About Project

Period: Jul-Oct 2011

Client: Paydiant

Subject: Android NFC Stack Customization

Paydiant wanted a demonstration of a new implementation concept that required the ability to dynamically emulate a contactless card.  Today we call this Host Card Emulation (HCE), but at that time, HCE was NOT available in Android.

Our Task Was

Use our existing knowledge of the NFC hardware in Android phones along with our intimate knowledge of the NFC stack used in Android to customize the Android NFC stack, creating HCE.  On top of this we were tasked to develop the Android demonstration application showcasing the new feature.

Key Components

  • Android application development
  • Android NFC Stack

Key Components

Stack Customization

  • Modified existing Android stack to implement HCE mode
  • Updated the Android stack API to provide controls for HCE mode

Application Development

  • Created Android application to demonstrate Paydiant’s HCE enabled concept


Ingenutec created a fully functional, customized, Android NFC stack the provided the required HCE functionality and provided a Paydiant branded Android application to demonstrate the feature.


Paydiant received the demonstration application in plenty of time for their presentation.  They were extremely please with the work provided and followed up by having Ingenutec do additional work for them.