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About Project

Period: Dec 2014 – Mar 2015

Client: Undisclosed

Subject: RFID Reader Stack Integration

Inkjet printer manufacturer integrated an RFID reader into their printer to manage replenishables containing ISO-15693 tags. The client had completed the hardware design but was running into difficulty getting the software fully functional.  Ingenutec took over the integration of the RFID software and provided the client with a fully functional software solution at a fixed price.

Our Task Was

Integrate the NXP NfcRdLib into the client’s product so that the hardware will correctly read an ISO-15693 tag embedded in the replenishable containers.  Ingenutec was also tasked with minimizing the final code size.

Key Components

  • NXP RC663
  • NxpRdLib
  • LPC3250
  • SMX (RTOS)

What We’ve Done


  • Fixed the SPI driver
  • Integrated NXP NfcRdLib stack into their product firmware
  • Provided fully functional application layer


  • Minimized the code size of the stack

Design and Architecture

  • Provided recommendations and guidance on conversion from polling to interrupt driven functionality for RFID tags


Ingenutec provided a fully functional software implementation which was size optimized.  We additionally provided guidance on future performance optimizations.


The client received a solution that fully met their requirements.  The software changes were delivered in a short time frame at a fixed cost.