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About Project

Period: Q2 2015 – Q3 2017

Client: Undisclosed

Subject: Consulting for EMV, NFC and JCOP.

Customer is developing a next generation wearable product that they want to take beyond a single purpose device.  They are adding the ability for the wearable band to function, not only as an access control device for a single system, but for many systems, add payment capability, transit ticketing and more.

Our Task Was

Ingenutec, as the developer of the Wearable Core from NXP and and NXP Independent Design House is an expert in how the stack operates and is integrated.  We were hired to provide consulting and guidance for the development of the NFC portion of the Wearable.  Ingenutec also performed the antenna matching and RF configuration of the NFC controller.

Key Components

  • NXP programmable embedded Secure Element with Active Load Modulation



  • NFC, Secure Element and Security
  • JCOP development
  • Global Platform usage
  • Deployment infrastructure
  • Integration of NXP Wearable Stack
  • Using NXP Wearable Stack
  • Liaison to NXP


  • Antenna matching
  • Configuration of the NFC Controller’s RF registers for optimal performance


Customer is an early adopter of NXP’s wearable technology.  They are pushing the boundaries of the current use cases.  Ingenutec has provided guidance and training on how to implement the new capabilities and how to develop the new use cases.


The customer will soon be releasing this product to market meeting all of their original expectations.