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About Project

Period: Oct 2014 – Mar 2016

Client: NXP

Subject: Development and Support of NFC Wearable Stack

Developed the NFC Wearable Stack and associated API for NXP.  This is based on the existing NFC stack.  The stack had to support loading of applets into the SecureElement and creation and management of MiFare Virtual Cards.  Continued to provide support and testing for new features and design changes.

Our Task Was

Using the existing NFC stack as a starting point, create a slimmed down stack with a simple API that could be used in wearable applications.  The stack had to be portable to embedded RTOS environments and even bare metal environments.  It also needed to be modular so that portions of the stack could reside in a mobile phone rather than in the wearable.

Key Components


  • NXP embedded Secure Element with Active Load Modulation


  • NXP Wearable Stack


Software Development

  • Architected the API
  • Modified original NFC stack to support the wearable features
  • Segmented the API to allow for deployment of portions on the wearable or on an associated mobile device


  • Supporting the NXP engineering team as new features are added and issues addressed
  • Provided on-site support to a top tier customer during one of the initial integrations of the wearable stack


Provided the client with software that met the required functionality and have continued to provide support.  Ingenutec is also assisting it’s customers to integrate this same stack into their products.


NXP has a stack which they are deploying to many customers.  Additionally, Ingenutec is also deploying the same stack to it’s customers.