• EMV & Payment Certifications

  • Wearables & Readers

  • Antennas

  • Hardware Integration

  • Software Integration

EMV & Payment Certification

Payment products, implementation & certification

Add contactless and chip-card support to your products.  We have OEM hardware and software ready for EMV certification or we can customize and develop payment hardware specific to your application.

Preparing for certification?  Leverage our experience and relationships to guide you smoothly through the certification process.

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Wearables & Readers

Payment/token wearable devices, payment and general purpose readers

Intelligent wearable device for payment and non-payment applications.  We have an OEM wearable module.  We can help you develop your own solution or integrate our module.  Mobile configuration and authentication of a wearable is the next leap past static NFC tags.

To support the other half of the eco-system, we have OEM reader modules that can be configured for payment or non-payment applications.  Developing your own reader product and need help?  We can help you accelerate your development cycle with our NFC and engineering expertise.

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We excel at the black magic referred to as RF

Need an PCB or flex antenna? Let us design it for you.  Already have an antenna?  We can perform the impedance matching.  Having trouble with performance?  Let us help you resolve those issues and achieve the performance levels you need.

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Hardware Integration

Hardware magicians, we can work magic with your hardware needs

We can create the hardware for you, we can fill in your resource gaps.  Are you working with a new NFC or EMV component? We’ll help you design it in to your product.  We do schematic capture and PCB layout, we can deliver a design, a finished board or a finished product.

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Software Integration

Embedded gurus

You have the hardware, now you need to figure out how to make it work.  We know NFC controllers and how to control them.  We can integrate manufacturer’s stacks, develop custom stacks, develop embedded applications and demos.  Hardware is no obstacle, platforms are no obstacle.  Linux, Mac, Window, Android, iOS, bare-metal, RTOS we can handle it all.

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