EMV & Payment Certification

EMV & Payment Certification

  • EMV & Payment Certifications

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“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

EMV & Payment Certification

Add contactless and chip-card support to your products.  We have OEM hardware and software ready for EMV certification or we can customize and develop payment hardware specific to your application.

Preparing for certification?  Leverage our experience and relationships to guide you smoothly through the certification process.

Main Benefits

  • Proven hardware design, ready for EMV certification
  • Proven software kernels, EMV certified
  • Accelerate your time to market with our hardware, software and knowledge

What We Offer


Hardware EMV/NFC module with a proven design.  Provides contactless and contact EMV reader capability out of the box.  Supports our EMV Level 2 contact and contactless kernels. A simple interface to the host, ships with a sample antenna but the final antenna is custom to your design.  Small form factor so it can be integrated into products with tight space constraints.


Let us customize our reader module for your specific application.  Customization of the design and/or layout, integrated right into your product.  Rely on our proven base design, fit seamlessly into your product.


Contactless Level 2 kernels available to support MasterCard and Visa with Discover and AmericanExpress coming soon.  Contact Level 2 kernel for all EMV chip cards.  Ready to be loaded into our hardware modules or licensed for use on your hardware.  Level 1 is available for specific chipsets.


We can guide you smoothly through the certification process.  Mitigating potential delays and process stumbles.  We have been through the process, we know where the potential issues are.