Hardware Integration

Hardware Integration

  • EMV & Payment Certification

  • Wearables & Readers

  • Antennas

  • Hardware Integration

  • Software Integration

nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

“One must always maintain one’s connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it…”

– Gaston Bachelard

Hardware Integration

We can create the hardware for you, we can fill in your resource gaps.  Are you working with a new NFC or EMV component? We’ll help you design it in to your product.  We do schematic capture and PCB layout, we can deliver a design, a finished board or a finished product.

Main Benefits

  • intimate knowledge of NFC front-ends and controllers
  • proven experience with NFC hardware designs
  • over 20 years of hardware design experience
  • relationships with mechanical design houses for full product design
nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

What We Offer

Hardware Design

We can design your hardware, focusing on just the NFC or design the whole product.  Have your own engineering team? We can assist with the NFC portion of the design.  We can do any part of all of your hardware, from electrical design to PCB layout.  We have partners that will manufacture and assemble PCBs as well.


What NFC part would best fit your application? How should your hardware be architected? We will evaluate your use cases and application requirements and recommend the most appropriate NFC controller and how the controller should be integrated into your system.

Product Development

We can manage a full product design.  We will do the electronic design in house and have relationships with 3rd parties to develop the mechanical design.


We will test your product’s NFC performance to ensure it meets your requirements.  We will perform pre-certification testing to provide a high level of confidence that your product will pass the certifications required.  We can facility your FCC Part 15 testing.