Software Integration

Software Integration

  • EMV & Payment Certification

  • Wearables & Readers

  • Antennas

  • Hardware Integration

  • Software Integration

nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

“Design and programming are human activities; forget that and all is lost.”

– Bjarne Stroustrup

Software Stacks & Custom Development

You have the hardware, now you need to figure out how to make it work.  We know NFC controllers and how to control them.  We can integrate manufacturer’s stacks, develop custom stacks, develop embedded applications and demos.  Hardware is no obstacle, platforms are no obstacle.  Linux, Mac, Window, Android, iOS, bare-metal, RTOS we can handle it all.

Main Benefits

  • over 10 years of experience with NFC stacks
  • over 20 years of embedded software experience
  • many proven design wins integrating NFC stacks
  • capable of integrating SAMs for additional security
nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

What We Offer

Stack Knowledge

We have experience with the Android NFC stack and can adapt it to specific NFC controllers.  We understand the stack architectures. We have worked with many custom NFC stacks and are well versed at integrating them into new or existing software.


We can customize stacks to your requirements.  Do you need smaller code space, smaller memory footprint, only a limited set of features?  We can modify the stacks to your needs.  Do you need a new custom feature that is not currently available.  We added Host Card Emulation to the Android stack before it was known as HCE.

Software Development

We can focus on just integration of the NFC functionality or we can develop the whole embedded firmware.  We do firmware, middleware, embedded applications, mobile applications and desktop applications, whatever the requirement.


Security architecture, SAM integration, secure boot, we will help address your security needs in your NFC application.  Using a SAM for key storage or offline encryption, we’ve done it before and can do it for you.  Mitigate the chance that your firmware can be maliciously modified or replaced, secure boot can help.