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Wearables & Readers

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nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

– Arthur C. Clarke

Readers & Wearables

Intelligent wearable device for payment and non-payment applications.  We have an OEM wearable module.  We can help you develop your own solution or integrate our module.  Mobile configuration and authentication of a wearable is the next leap past static NFC tags.

To support the other half of the eco-system, we have OEM reader modules that can be configured for payment or non-payment applications.  Developing your own reader product and need help?  We can help you accelerate your development cycle with our NFC and engineering expertise.

Main Benefits

  • Proven experience with reader design
  • Wearable expertise, hardware to eco-system
  • Leverage our services to simplify your reader and wearable designs
nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

What We Offer


In addition to our hardware EMV/NFC module we offer a wearables module.  The wearables module provides a proven platform for use in NFC wearables, offering features such as payment, dynamic loading of applets, and MiFare emulation. The module offers a small form factor with a simple interface to the host and ships with a sample antenna.  The final antenna is custom to your design.


We can create a custom design for your specific application.  Customization of the design and/or layout, integrated right into your product.  Rely on our proven base design, fit seamlessly into your product.

Integration Support

Using our knowledge and expertise about the reader and wearable software we can accelerate the integration of the stacks into your application.  We can do the integration for you or provide support and guidance for your software engineering team.

Wearable Platform

Building on a proven wearable software platform, we can guide you through all the necessary steps to implement your applications.  We can help you understand how to implement payment, how to create virtual MiFare cards, how to create your own custom applets.  We will help you understand the platform and it’s architecture.