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  • Antennas

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nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Antenna Design & Tuning

Need an PCB or flex antenna? Let us design it for you.  Already have an antenna?  We can perform the impedance matching.  Having trouble with performance?  Let us help you resolve those issues and achieve the performance levels you need.

Main Benefits

  • Proven design expertise
  • Matching for optimal power transfer
  • Testing to ensure desired performance
  • Experience with both readers and wearables
nfc consulting emv contactless payment antennas knoxville tn

What We Offer


Proven design expertise, we can design your NFC/EMV antenna, whether it’s for a reader or a wearable.  We focus on custom designs tailored for you product, including wire wound antennas,  PCB antennas and Flex-PCB antennas.  We understand the influence of the environment and enclosure address that in the design.


We have the experience matching antennas for optimal power transfer, whether reader or wearable. This is one of the most critical tasks affecting antenna performance and we know what it takes.  We understand the various matching designs, balanced and un-balanced.  We understand power trade-offs and RF front-end limitations.


We fully test our designs to ensure they meet your performance requirements.  We have the necessary ISO and EMV test equipment to ensure that your antenna achieves the power transfer requirements and wave shape requirements.   We understand that this is not just the antenna alone but must include the actual RF front end that will be used in the product.

Wearables & Readers

We can design the your wearable antenna or your reader antenna.  These are not the same designs and do not have the same requirements.  We know the differences.  Addressing features like Active Load Modulation for wearables and Dynamic Power Control for readers is part of our service.